This week has been historic and all for the wrong reasons. The recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai has had a deep impact on people across the world. But as they say – “Even this shall pass away“. But I hope that incidents like these make us more stronger, resilient and united forever.

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Now continuing, it’s time for weekly summary of Web, Technology and more more interesting stuff that surfaced in the past week. From now on, I’ll be posting a weekly wrapup of whatever is happening in Web, Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media and many more interesting stuff that you might want to spend your time knowing about.

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1. The World’s Longest Webpage: Correct me if I’m wrong (tweet-link) but this webpage is just not the longest updated webpage ever but it’s also the longest webpage which portrays human interaction. It’s the twitter page where people from across the world have been updating news, pictures, videos, articles, important helpline info etc about recent Mumbai attacks. Some of the ingenuis ways people have been watching this pages are:

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(i) The hashtag #mumbaifamilies which helped connecting loved ones.

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(ii) Geotagging tweets originating from within 1-1000 miles of Mumbai.

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2. Citizen Journalism: The recent Mumbai terrorism attacks have given rise to true “Citizen Journalism“. I wrote about it here and here too. Just type “Mumbai+Citizen Journalism” in google and hit enter. You will find innumerable articles how crisis gave birth to millions of concerned citizens of the world.

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3. India’s comprehensive Online advertising network list: prepared a comprehensive list of Indian Online advertising networks. So what’s your experience with these ad networks? Do share if you have anything interesting!

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4. Five innovations that could our lives in the next five years (InnovationJam): IBM came up with 5 innovations which will change how people around the world work, play and live over the next five years. But this isn’t just  some work without proper research. They actually included inputs of some 150,000 people from 104 countries who took part in “InnovationJam”, a recent online brainstorming session along with insights from Research labs and consulting think-tank.

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5. Nine tools which is a must in the overflowing information age: ReadWriteWeb prepared a list 9 tools to combat the overflowing and never ending online content every day. It discusses tools which we wish we had to filtered out the noise from important information. Maybe you’ll find some of them useful or have even better recommendations to offer us and other readers.

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