By the frequency of my writing about Twitter, it shows that Twitter is the hottest topic around. As I dig deeper, I get amazed about it’s reach, rank & pageviews that it generates. No wonder it’s the most talked about in the Blogosphere – may be in terms of its Business model, Revenue Model or plain evangelizing it all through. I even took my shot at defining its Revenue Model.

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I got these graphs from Alexa on Twitter’s Reach, Rank and its Page views. It’s interesting to see it’s standing vis-a-vis other microblogging sites like Friendfeed & Jaiku.

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Twitter’s Daily Reach Stats (According to Alexa):

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Twitter’s Traffic Rank Trend (According to Alexa):

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Twitter’s Daily Pageviews Stats (According to Alexa):

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Consider this over cup a coffee (Source):

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It’s true that twitter has become so hot that it’s difficult to ignore. More so, in a very sustainable manner. It has also recovered from incessant Fail Whale propositons.

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Now Marketers need to learn how to use this tool effectively and integrate it in their online marketing campaigns to have that extra mileage in terms of converting million brand conversations into meaningful word-of-mouth which can give enough traction to develop engagement with their customers.

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