Twitter is exciting in many ways for those who know it. But for those who haven’t yet got into the tweet mode, it can be pretty weird at first go. So I’m jotting down top 21 reasons why we should use Twitter. So here we go on to explore the vast potential that twitter has in store:

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1. If you are a blogger and you want people (a.k.a Tweople) to know about it. Twitter can be useful in that regards but beware not to flood since it may be considered as noise and people can un-follow you.

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2. Do you feel like connecting with companies with your moment of delight or angst, then Twitter can help you in that regards much effectively than silly letter or contact-us tab on companies’ corportate website (Check this for sure).

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3. If you suffering from blogging ideas, then twitter can be helpful, but you’ve to be like Robert Scoble.

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4. If you are one of those who is thirsty about breaking news and latest scoops then twitter is the right place to be in (…read this one to believe me).

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5. Twitter is a social tool, so networking comes easy. So use it for both personal as well as business networking but please aware of the bots hovering around.

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6. Drive traffic to your blog/site via Twitter. Twitter by nature is viral, so asking your twitter friends to tweet about your post can spread it like wildfire. But remember to provide good content otherwise it may backfire.

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7. It’s a great tool for marketing & communication – read it here & here!

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8. Twitter is a great and easy to use tool via Twitterfeed to Notify Your Customers. Set up a for the specific purpose of notifying customers when new products come in. Customers can subscribe via mobile or RSS for instant notification. Twitter can also be used to provide mini-updates for one-on-one clients.

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9. Twitter can be used to capture the pulse of an event to a great extent. I’ve used it actively for many such events- notable among them are MacWorld 2008 and US presidential election.

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10. Use twitter to remind you of important events like morning meetings etc. For that, follow Timer in twitter – send a direct message (DM) with the reminder time and surely it will ping you in that time.

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11. Use twitter for personal branding. Since twitter is a social media platform, so with increasing adoption rate it will give more chances for you to be famous.

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12. You can create a simple poll on twitter by using StrawPoll. Your Twitter contacts can participate in the poll by simply sending an @reply message.

13. You can add events via Google calendar using twitter with Twittercal. For that, add gCal in your following list of Twitter and then add events by simply sending direct messages (DM) to your new Twitter following.

14. You can keep track about what being talked about you via TweetBeep. Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything!

15. Use Twitter to record what you need to do while you are away from the computer. Mark the tweet as a favorite to file it for referencing. The favorite can turn out to be one point referencing to what you want to do now or in future. In case you want the to-do-list to be private, then protect your updates.

16. You can track your vehicle’s mileage and fuel economy on the data you enter. Add mymm to your following list and send a direct message with pertinent info every time you fill up, following this format: “d mymm [total miles on odometer] [# of gallons] [price]“.

17. Twitter makes it easy for you to take easy notes for all your important ideas/concepts to explore further. You can include links relevant to ideas you want to explore. Note taking can also be done offline via mobile applications too!

18. You can track who you owe a beer or coffee via Foamee. Follow ioubeer and/or ioucoffee. Then, send an I.O.U. to a friend. You get a page over there to keep track of everything and can stamp drinks as ‘Redeemed’ when you want.

19. If you need to group friends then you can use Tweet Party. It can be used even for messaging in Twitter.

20. EmailTwitter allows you to post Twitter updates and retrieve your Twitter timeline via your cellular phone or other e-mail enabled mobile device, without incurring SMS fees.

21. Twitter can simply be used to keep a daily detailed record of what you are doing. This might come in handy in case you are thinking to do more in less time.

Hopefully this article has given you some fair idea about why people around you are talking about twitter. If not then, I think these 21 reasons are good enough to spread the word around. If you found this article useful, please send it to your twitter friends and comment on the same. Would love to hear from you folks!

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