This may surprise you when you read. But to clear things up, I’m in no mood to quit blogging neither I’m thinking to kill anyone (Smirk). This post lists down few points on what all things can stop a blogger from blogging. Though few are assumptions but surely readers can relate to it. Read till the end (even though it’s kind of a long post) but I’ve something interesting to share.

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To start with, I’ve been blogging for quite sometime. Infact, I receive quite a few mails asking me about how to increase traffic to their blogs, how to increase subscriber count or even how to survive when there are enough bloggers (presumably better blogger) who can knock you down.

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Though there are enough answers/posts/pointers on the mentioned “How to…” questions but very few on how to kill a blogger. This post will try to demystify few myths about a blogger’s survival kit.

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Some may find it funny and few may find it as hard truth but nevertheless I feel this is something every blogger & reader should be aware off.

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1. Survival on Advertising: A professional blogger mostly generates revenues through online advertising – may be referrals, or anything on that format. One of the best ways to kill any blogger is to stop clicking ads which will stop his/her revenue stream and in turn may demotivates him/her to write. Surely it will fire things up if he/she’s looking towards monetizing the content.

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2. Commenting below his belly: Comments play an important role for any blogger. It is a sort of a tool which readers use to communicate with the blogger as well as other readers – more like “I’ve an opinion” typos. But surely comments can go a long way killing the confidence of a blogger since it helps a blogger to understand what his/her readers think. So use this tool effectively (Pun intended).

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3. Stop the Link-Bait: Bloggers survive by spreading the word around. Stop helping them. No link baits, no follow up links; absolutely nothing. Eventually less traffic will definitely hamper the site and specifically the blogger’s morale.

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4. Osama not Obama can help the cause: Spread negative word around about the credibility of the blogger. Bloggers hate this. All they have is virtual credibility (since most of them are unknown for most of their readers) which pays dividend for them. Once it is hampered, regaining it is difficult.

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5. Subtle Plagiarism: Some may say plagiarism is another word for “getting inspired”. But I think otherwise. Anyways a blogger hates when you lift his/her content and publish it under your name without attribution. So a high page-rank site with lifted content can play against the blogger. By the way, do remember the creative-commons license thing.

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So these are few pointers which can definitely kill a blogger if you employ it appropriately. But always remember to employ such things surreptitiously (more so if your a blogger yourself).

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Lastly, please take this post in the most harmless sense since I was trying to show in a different way on how to promote a blogger since any sort of writing involves certain amout of passion & creativity on bloggers behalf. So encourage & support if you like any bloggers’ content since it will motivate him/her to develop better content for you.

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Disclaimer: I’ve written this material with harmless intention and any harm done to any blogger living/dead is purely co-incidental and doesn’t bear any resemblance with the after-effects of this site’s content.

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