Al GoreOscar-winning movie director, venture capitalist, money manager, book author, cable television mogul and Nobel laureate has a thing or two to share in his recent Web 2.0 summit in San Fransisco. He mentioned about Web 2.0 and more importantly that “Web 2.0 should have a purpose“.

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Now thats the question I want to hung on into. One of the reasons why this statement interested me is because the state of Web or more precisely Web 2.0 (as it is called now) has already been dubbed as seeing its demise in the lights of Web 3.0 – the next evolutionary step of Web 2.0. Even experts have predicted this. (Read here).

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So what are we looking at if we say that Web 2.0 should have a purpose. Few things that come on top of my mind are:

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1. Web 2.0 was revolutionary if we think of internet as a connecting entity. Web 2.0 was effective in engaging more regular users into content creation and content aggregation. But what’s next? Can we think of Web 2.0 to last long enough to make a considerable change?

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2. Evolution of Web is a ever lasting process. I believe the next brick in the Web evolution wall would be embodying human mind into offerings of higher quality. The Web will surely evolve into more human form where interactivity will of prime importance.

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3. Last but not least, Web was directionless before evolution of Web 2.0. It now has a definite direction if I can say so with Web becoming more & more social. Examples are many. Now Web is an entity to share, collaborate, evangelize, interact.

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So from the days where Web was evolving from day-to-day has given place to minute-to-minute. But the moot question to be asked is where all these minute things are going? Do we see Web at certain point of time to act as a medium to leverage the human existence? If so then definitely Web 2.0 Web has a purpose – purpose to relate to human urgency rather than mere B.S.O.S. entity!

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