Yes, we all want more. We want more happy customers, more sales, more profits, more repeat purchases, more who spread the word around etc. The word more can be used as an adjective to endless whims & fancies.

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Ask a few about why more, then we will get many customized tailored answers. But connotation attached to “MORE” changes once we face adversity. Recession is one of those adversities that our businesses are facing. So “MORE” during adversity will plug in answers like we want just as much customers as possible, we want just as much sales, just as much profits and many JUST AS* comments.

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Infact recession and MORE has economic relationship – it’s the inverse kind. With growing recession, we want less and vice-versa without. But what can we do about it. One of the ways to do in times like these is to fold our hands and be naive about it till these times are over or think about absolute MORE. Yes, it’s not easy but who said that running a business and that too a successful one is easy.

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So thinking about “MORE” in recession is easy if we capitalize our most useful resource – employees. Serve customers with MORE service, MORE support, MORE gratifiation, MORE like humans and not dumb F$%Ks. Customers will remember forever since at times of high tide we were there to give them the best which deserved. Humans are always looking for gratification even from the slightest instance. So building foundation of worthy and better customer service can help us glide through these tough times.

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P.S. I still wonder that what can go so wrong that all of a sudden that companies are laying off in whole bunch. Yes, the answer is kind of obvious but I’m thinking more about the extent. I just hope fear is not the answer. Examples are many but answers are few.

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