Today I started a conversation on twitter which ended at Friendfeed. Below is the sceenshot of the tweet which I shot in the afternoon. What followed next was quite interesting!

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I’ll divide the 30 odd comments conversations into 3 portions with under-lining the state of things. Read through it. You may have something interesting here.

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Some of the comments were as follows:

  • Its broadcast versus conversation. It is bound to be different, do not commit the felony of comparing them. – Parth Awasthi
  • we all find FF more interesting, but still hang around at twitter. Don’t know why. – Roshni
  • Curse the tech-bloggers (don’t wana name them – u know) who poured it in my mind so badly that I’m made to compare. But true can’t really compare a broadcast tool with a conversational medium. – Myself
  • conversations arise out of how you use the service…the design of ff (threaded conversations) make it more conducive, thats all.. – manuscrypts
  • More randomness on twitter. Brains filter out the noise quite effectively. – Roshni
  • .. there’s an impromptu, casual, nonchalant spirit about twitter that i can’t find on ff…manuscrypts
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The 2nd round of conversations were as follows:

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This sections’ interesting under-lined portion conversations are as follows:

  • I like conversations more than Broadcasting/MicroBlogging…I don’t use Twitter the way you use it. Also, the design of the two systems is radically different as is their approach to Social Net. But again, technologies are seldom aware of their cultural implications. With many, Twitter is a communication medium. – Parth Awasthi
  • I am there on twitter for the chaos. – Roshni
  • But topics relevant to things near me are rare here. On Twitter we discuss (with difficulty I admit) desi things and concerns. Here it was mostly virtual things and links and news stories. – Vijayendra Mohanty
  • We can change that trend…. – | Balu |
  • the medium, message and the human interaction has kept Twitter on its foot! Myself
  • FF is a cool twitter client, because it threads my conversations 🙂 – manuscrypts
  • I believe more people get Twitter because it requires them to deal with only one thing — that text box on top. Once Friendfeed gets past that barrier and more of us get on it, it will become interesting. – Vijayendra Mohanty
  • twitter attracts a younger crowd that is usually more frivolous. If you do an age group analysis you’ll find a marked difference. It has obvious impact on content. @vimoh point taken that relevance is subjective. – Parth Awasthi
  • FF is an aggregator.. i wonder if it can be as simplified as twitter – manuscrypts
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This is last part of the the conversations of my tweet.

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So the final leg of interestingness are:

  • May be subconsiously we have take twitter as #1 and for geeky geeks #FF as no. 2 – Myself
  • for a fact that ten days later, we’ll be having the same conversation again. – Roshni
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These small conversations between different indivuals show a glimpse of where microblogging with twitter and friendfeed are heading. Though it represents a small population but surely others won’t deny the pointers.

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Infact Roshni‘s last comment that “this is not the end” shows that we are yet to see a lot in micro-media in the years to come.

So what’s your take on the same. Do we see conversations giving place to noise and clutter? Or we have survived that phase and we have learnt to filter information from heavily cluttered data flow?

P.S. Thanks to all who have commented on the same. If you want to follow the same, here’s the link. By the way, I intentionally didn’t arrive at any conclusion since I personally believe these small micro-media trends have a long way to go and it would be too early to comment.

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