Recently I ran across several sites which are exact replicas/clones of most popular sites in the web. Some of those have been replicated with immense nitty gritty to give it a look of the popular sites and some just offering exact same services to their user base as most popular site give.

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Below are few examples which I’ve handpicked (funny quote) because of their humurous scalability. If you find few more like these, we can make a list for sure.

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1. HATEBOOK – Hatebook is an anti-social utility that disconnects you from the things YOU HATE.

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2. ARSEBOOK – believe the name itself says it all.

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1. DICKIPEDIA – An interesting site with an interesting name which says “A wiki of Dicks”. By the way, do see the wikipedia logo – it surely made me laugh.

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There are too many of them. Infact doing a simple google search on “twitter clones” gives about half a million pages amongst whom you’ll surely find few cloned gems.

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To end it, that’s amazing as well as interesting in many ways. Though that doesn’t impress me at all but this trend definitely says a lot about how things are shaping up in the industry. Most importantly, it clearly shows that entry barrier into Web 2.0 is extremely low since development of such sites have now become very easy. One of the reasons helping the cause is free/open source which makes this growing phenomenon of cloning popular website more viable. Now it doesn’t take million bucks to make one YouTube or Facebook. Yeah it’s that easy.

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