I never thought that I’ll ever post something like this in my blog. But whatever is happening around is far more inexplicable. We Mumbaikars (residents of Mumbai) are shocked, paranoid and deeply overwhelmed for whatever is happening. By now, I guess the whole country world is under shock because of yesterday night’s terrorist attacks. It all started on 26th November, 2008 – A night which will be always remembered in our minds and souls. There’s a saying – A picture speaks a thousand words, but the below pictures are far more horrifying not only because of their graphic nature but because of the impact it has had on us.

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War on Mumbai”Picture link

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Carrying along, few things come out of these mass killings and horrifying attacks. Media, state police as well as national security guards (NSG) was quite active. But one more thing comes out of these attacks- people from all over the world are not anymore quite and just watching it over television. Millions were active sharing information over Web via Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, blogs – many of whom were posting messages over social networks about public helpline nos, asking people to come forward to help by giving blood and many such activities. All these gladens me to think that WE ALL ARE NOW ACTIVE. May I say that the rise of citizen journalism have come alive.

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Personally, I always believed that security of any country, state, city doesn’t come under government jurisdiction only. It us who makes a country, state or a city. It’s us who have to be awake – awake to help each other in any such mishaps. Tsunami, Floods, sporadic blood sheds have always paralysed us. But human endeavour never falls short to overcome such events. WE HELD EACH OTHER, WE STAND TOGETHER.

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And that’s how our city- Mumbai have done all these while. We have tried from every nook or corner to help those needful people, may be from far away but surely this shows how we all stood against terrorism.

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Cheers to all Mumbaikars who stood up against terrorism.

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Some of the Indian blogs who have covered the Mumbai Terrorist attacks are:

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1. Gaurav Mishra – Gaurav wrote about how this unfortunate event gave rise to true citizen journalism via social networks like Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blogs etc.

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2. Moksh Juneja – Moksh had put some important helplines which can come to help in case you want them.

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3. Amit Agarwal – Amit wrote about Twitter, and not mainstream media, is “the” place to go for getting breaking news updates. Again his post states that Citizen Journalism is here to stay in times like these.

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4. Updated Link from Pinstorm – One point stop for everything and anything happening in Mumbai. You’ll find important contact numbers and even relevant tweets about #Mumbai attacks. Thanks to @Netra and @Asfaq for the link. Great work guys!

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5. Saurabh Garg – Saurabh says its a collection of incoherent thoughts on recent Mumbai terrorist attacks but surely it’s worth a read.

Picture Courtesy: The Delhi Wala

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