Today I ran into an interesting site called Keyboardr while going through my site’s stats. The name is quite suggestive I believe. Basically it’s a mashup search engine of Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. It works in the same manner as other search engines. But there’s an interesting catch. Once the search results come up, you can use your keyboard arrows to navigate and press enter to go to that website.

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Screen Shot of Keyboardr

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Keyboardr Future Plans
Keyboardr is planning to support friendfeed, delicious, twitter, flickr, google docs and many more. And in the final stage, they will have an extension system, open for any developer, to integrate any webservice into our interface. So keyboardr will be a central station to get all your common internet tasks done much faster.

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Take a look at the video. It shows their labs version where they have integrated Friendfeed.

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Few things I like about Keyboardr are:

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1. Neat, easy and true to what they say i.e. The instant search and the keyboard navigation are replacing the feeling of “searching” with the feeling of “launching”.

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2. I like their favicon i.e. the small icon attached the all sites that emerge in the search results. Too bad that google yet doesn’t do that.

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3. They really give a lot of importance to time, like they say that it speeds up the internet search experience because once you enter keyboardr you will be shown a time clock showing your local time. I like this feature too.

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Looking at the subtle launch of Keyboardr, I remember CUIL which launched itself as the next Google Killer. Though still things are yet to be unfold at their end too.

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