I’ve never posted any guest posts in my blog. But even the present state of Mumbai is totally in state of shock, horror (with deep regrets). So it makes sense to post something which feels the pulse of the residents of Mumbai- Mumbaikars. So this is what my friend, Tanushree Pal has to say about all these that is happening:

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India – my country, my home. It doesn’t feel that safe any more. Were we distracted? Were we crying foul over lesser imperative issue like religion? Did we overlook a rather significant subject called HUMANITY? Did we forget safeguarding our own country?

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What went wrong?

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For the past 50 odd hours, Mumbai has been a mere puppet, the strings of which were pulled by a handful of terrorists. Terrorists who ruthlessly shot at innocent people and merrily watched them breathe their last. It’s strange how some people can go to such an extent to give a face to their hatred…an ugly one.

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Hostages, death, landmarks of the city ablaze- it’s certainly not what one thinks about Mumbai. It is a city that helps dreams come true. It is a city that stays wide awake 24 X 7. It is a city that makes you feel at ease. Terrorizing the minds of the people here is difficult. But I hesitate to say so any further. I am not sure if we’d ever be able to move about in our premises liberally, without a restrain. I am not sure if mornings would be the same, sipping tea and to plan for the day ahead. Everyday we’d live in ambiguity. And it cannot be denied that it will be days before the terror, the pictures of the bodies torn apart and the scenes of the devastated families fade away from our minds. It’s harsh but true.

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But I hope people understand, it is not the time to play the blame game. I hope people forget for once that they are not a country by themselves but a country on a whole. I hope they realize that it is time to get stringent and unvarying with rules and regulations. I hope they quit denominating life with money. Not for the sake of elections and seats they fight for but, for superior reasons – the country they need to fight for. I hope we understand that terrorists are just waiting to see what the systems loop holes are and unfortunately they see it pretty evidently. We need to counter-act. And as the cliché goes- “United we stand, Divided we fall”, doesn’t sound difficult at all. We got to fight together. Stay together.

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Guest Post from – Tanushree & Sayoni Pal

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