Fortunately I came across these two videos simultaneously which strike a similar kind of chord if you think of Advertising with Social Media as a tool and netizens using Lifestream to record their life’s daily activities.

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The first video is by Dr. Vinton G. Cerf, “The Father Of The Internet” and VP, Chief Internet Evangelist for Google who shares with OgilvyOne Singapore on how brands can tap into the social media phenomenon.
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And this just came out (courtesy – Amit Agarwal). Microsoft will add lifestreaming capabilities into Windows Live.
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What’s interesting is with Google idea of advertising in social networks and Microsoft going live with Lifestreaming, this can work as wonder drug for advertising companies if they are able to sought out the opinion leader in any network. But contextual advertising will be the way to go. With google’s never ending ad inventory, it can work very well. Infact, my hunch is Google will soon come up with it’s own lifestreaming mechanism since all of their sites are interconnected viz. iGoogle, Gmail, Google Reader (Read more here). So if both advertising & lifestreaming are collated together, then we can find new ways of serving contextual ads.

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Here’s how:

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If someone has subscribed to my lifestream, then links will show that I like to buy denim jeans, then this will provide ample information to my friends who are subscribed and it can work as easy reckoner/recommendation to my friends. Though it’s more like Facebook’s Beacon or Myspace Hypertargeting but this is more anticipated intimate messages than plain simple advertising which most of the times serves no purpose in social networks.

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