Today I was veiwing my blog details. Suddenly I was surprised by the browser usage details of my blog readers. Below is the browser market share according to Wikipedia. Also view it here according to CNet.

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Now this is the browser details of my blog reader according to Sitemeter which I use to track my site details.

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Interesting to see that my blog readers are defying the market leader i.e. Internet Explorer. Infact happy to see that since even I’m an ardent user of FireFox and I experiment a lot with its add-ons from time to time.

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Infact a lot have been written about FireFox vis-a-vis IE. Read it here, here and here.

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This ComScore post also shows a very distinct difference between FireFox & Internet Explorer users. So it won’t be wrong to guess that most of my blog readers are tech savvy and progressive thinkers. That’s why checking details between the two from year 2004 onwards shows that market share of FireFox is climbing upwards while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is slipping below. This goes on to show how FireFox is able to carve a niche in the browser wars and get a meaningful market share.

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