This is one of most interesting things I’ve read so far this week. One of the reasons why I’m quoting so is because Steve Rubel has declared a bet sort of thing. According to him, January, 2014 is the year when all sorts of tangible media will see its sharp decline or complete annihilation. Though I’ve asked this question to him about how he came to the conclusion but otherwise the mentioned facts are infallible.

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This is what he wrote in his blog post:

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On the hindsight, I’m thinking about the Indian Media space. Though nothing of that sorts can be predicted as of now, but surely if such a thing happens in US then surely the rub-off effects will be seen here too.

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Though change brings along new avenues/oppurtunities but surely the next 2000 days will be worth watching for since I think lots of things will be changed. Though it may not be in that scale that the whole Indian traditional media landscape will be vanquished but it will definitely show some definite changes. Infact, I believe the recent Global financial downturn is just the cornerstone of new new changes which we may not assume/predict right now.

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So what are your thoughts on this? How far can we predict something like this?

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