The concept of singularity dates back as long as the evolution of computers go if not more than that. But what excited me about the whole Singularity concept is Kevin Kelly. He is a genius and pioneer of Web (and I’m just being modest). In his recent post on his blog, he wrote this:

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……a smarter than human artificial intelligence will bring about yet smarter intelligence, which in turn will rapidly solve related scientific problems (including how to make yet smarter intelligence), expanding intelligence until all technical problems are quickly solved, so that society’s overall progress makes it impossible for us to imagine what lies beyond the Singularity’s birth. Oh, and it is due to happen no later than 2045. I agree with parts of that. There appears to be nothing in the composition of the universe, or our minds, that would prevent us from making a machine as smart as us, and probably (but not as surely) smarter than us. My current bet is that this smarter-than-us intelligence will not be created by Apple, or IBM, or two unknown guys in a garage, but by Google;

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Continuing with the same, I want to share few couple of points on Kevin’s take on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human Intelligence and Google of course.

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1. The question posed on Kevin’s “Thinkism” by Yihong Ding is something which we tend to overlook at times i.e. the evolution of human brain potential with advancement of technology. If we keep both AI and human brain in X-Y axis, then we just can’t keep one as constant and other as variable since chances of advancement in evolution will definitely show duality. So haven’t we turn out to be more smarter than we were before?

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Hypothesis: “Singularity” is that machine intelligence which may be improved rapidly while human intelligence keeps at the same level. However, the reality might not simply be this way. When we improve machines by artificial intelligence, why can’t machines improve us on human intelligence as well? Because of the machines we invented, we can think better and think further beyond the limit of our single brains. We may have collective human brains to think just like machines collaborate their computational power.

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2. My second point is ImindI:
This new startup company more or less shows what lies in the future. I call it close & personal web. The Web will know everything about us like what we like, what we don’t like etc. We can call it as “Our mind on the Web“. Read this post, it will provide more insights what I’m talking about.

3. The third point is of course Google- the one point stop for most Web visionaries. It has defined web 1.0, defining web 2.0 and more necessary will define web 3.0, but thats not all. The last & final frontier for Google to embed itself into our lives is “How much is the limit”. People will feel strangled for privacy but the question that will be asked in the future is the trade-off between privacy or convenience. I guess we already know the answer, so I don’t want to make it obvious here. So Google, even according to Kevin will emerge sooner or later as the World Wide Computer on the internet. And it is very possible that this other intelligence beyond ours would emerge on or long before 2045.

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