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Don’t worry about the picture above. It’s a cause I’m supporting with fellow bloggers from around the world.

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If you believe in the power of information via internet, then this post will definitely ring a bell in your head. Today I was pinged by Gavin Heation of “Servant of Chaos” via Twitter (tweet) about this recent development/news in Australia about Internet Censorship.

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So, if you use Twitter, you may have noticed a bunch of people with an “X” across their mouths. This is a protest against the Australian Government’s plans to implement an internet content filter. This plan places a blanket of censorship across the internet which will, no doubt, have unforeseen consequences – and puts our access to information on a par with China and Iran.

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Some of possible repercussions of this censorship are:

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1. This will result in significantly lower connection speeds (in the order of 80%).

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2. As the filters will rely on a “black list” provided by a government body, it opens the door to potential misuse or political interference.

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3. And finally, right question asked by Gavin that “Is this perhaps a veiled attempt to “Control the Conversation” emanating from a growing and more vocal constituency via blogs and social media?”

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Why am I supporting?

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One of the reasons why I’m supporting such a cause even though it doesn’t impact us but if you think from a Global perspective then internet being a ubiquitous entity has its roots leading to Global innovation from millions of netizens residing across the world. So one country’s internet content filtering may affect the innovation cycle on a whole.

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So what’s your take on this issue? What if India is next on the radar to propose mandatory filtering of content over the internet? Would love the hear from you folks!

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