This is the 2nd in the ‘Yours Truly’ series in this blog. This time around, my blog featured in the ADAGE POWER 150 list which showcases the best that there is from the Marketing, Advertising & Media blogs and bloggers from around the world.

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From now on, I’ll keep the Power 150 widget on the right bar of ‘Networks & Affiliations‘ tab which will keep updating the rank status of this blog.

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Apart from the usual excitement on being featured in the much elite list of bloggers, I’m quite aware that this levies more responsiblity on blogging front. Though for the past week or so, posting has reduced due some other engagements but it also shows that I’m quite aware of it. And whenever and wherever possible I’ll keep blogging.

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Till then, keep coming on if you’ve missed any previous posts and please comment/criticize/appreciate if you feel like you need to.

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