This is an awesome new development coming from Chris Brogan via Twitter (link here). Reason why I’m excited about this new development is two fold:

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1. I’m a huge fan of Data Aggregation and I feel sites like FriendFeed is just the tip of the iceberg since the future of internet in this age of ageless & countless information and on top of that millions of social tools available to track them makes our life more complex. So data aggregators like FF is sigh of relief since it has not only aggregated data but social tools like Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, digg, StumbleUpon and others in one platform from where we can track everything.

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2. I always tried to keep a tab on Friendfeed (FF) but unfortunately always forget to check it out.

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So this little bit of information made me quite excited since now I can track FriendFeed & Twitter together from Twhirl (twhirl is a desktop client for the Twitter microblogging platform, powered by Adobe AIR).

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Down below is the steps of how to pull FriendFeed in Twhirl account (Source: Mzinga):

  1. If you don’t have Twhirl already, you need to start by downloading Adobe Air.
  2. Once you download air and install it, download the beta version of Twhirl from Leo Laporte’s site (don’t go to Twhirl’s site, the latest version they have is only .0.8.5)
  3. Before you install Twhirl, make sure you have your current version of Twhirl closed if you currently use it.
  4. This is the slightly tricky part – open up the new version of Twhirl and click on the logo in the top right-hand corner of the application (it looks like a mini green and white hurricane)
  5. See screenshot below: The key is to select “FriendFeed” as an application option in the bottom left-hand corner:
    a) Once you do this, enter your account info in the box just to the right and click the plus sign.
    b) Now select your Friendfeed account from the list above.
    c) Click “Connect” and this should prompt you for your “remote key” – click on the link below the box if you don’t have one and it will pop up a FriendFeed browser window with your key.
    d) Copy, cut and paste the key into your Twhirl dialogue box and hit enter.
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Thanks again to Chris Brogan & Aaron Strout for sharing this information.

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Image Courtesy: Mzinga

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Read the official Twhirl release: twhirl 0.8 released – adding friendfeed support

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