I’ve to say upfront that I’m a keen observer of Social Media, which by now must be quite evident if you’re a regular to this blog. If not then I may have something interesting for you. So keeping with the blog post, I keep a track about what’s hot & what’s not in Social Media and much so in Social Networking especially in India.

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The genesis of this blog post is Dina Mehta’s blog post on “Future of Social Networking” and more so a recent development from Yahoo! Indian Arm which came up with a new Social Networking site dubbed as SpotM for the age bracket 16-24 to capture the growing Indian market (Read my post here).

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So on this recent Yahoo! development, I also commented my opinions as to what would fancy Indian users so as the capture their imagination & in turn take advantage of growing Indian market. Below are my comments from my previous post:

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….within a span of 2-3 years there have been plethora of Social Networking Sites (SNS) developed by Indians and International giants like Google, Facebook, MySpace etc. So for SpotM, it better be good, different, fast, high on usability and wide reaching otherwise another failed investment…..

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On the hindsight, I recently came across another site called ChillX which has tried to position itself as a site where Indian youth can hang out dubbed as “Hamara Desh”. Now a quick usability check gave me a very good impression about its various features its blogs, videos, news and my favorite- the chat applet. Though this may be nothing new to most of us, but surely this site has unique Indian community feeling which I saw lacking in most western counter parts as of now. Also if I’m not wrong then this site’s positioning is more “Community Based” i.e. it wants to build a community of Indian Youths.

So taking cues from Dina’s statement on Social Networking’s future

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Networks based on & layered around location, access, presence & context. Those that enhance real-world interactions. Enabling choice, privacy and control”

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it seems evidential that without these key ingredients i.e. layered network effects across location, access, presence & most importantly context which enhances real world interactions with different users will define the future of Indian Social Networking Space.

So what do you think will click in Indian Social Networking Space?

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