This post talks about my usual rants about how information which has become almost free due to one of the biggest development of human history which can change everything especially business and how it works and its subtle yet definitive repurcussions on human behavior. These are my random thoughts:

In a world, where information is readily available at almost zero cost (≈ free) with the advent of internet, even a small pebble can create a huge wave which can revolutionize the entire human race’s way of looking/perceiving things since we all are living in a century of “Idea Diffusion”. So modern day businesses have to be as nimble footed/flexible/agile to adapt to this ever manifesting change in the way customers act/react/perceive matter.

Future will look bright for those companies which will know how to accumulate those nodes of disjointed data, transform into information & capture it at one place and distribute it amongst small if not huge community of like-minded people who care about you.

Before pondering, why your Y-o-Y charts are shifting southwards, ask these questions – Where are your customers? Where are they spending most of their time? How are they communicating with each other? I’ll try figuring out the answers, though with a hint of warning i.e. they have shifted into the realm of ‘e’ with the world around it. Oh if you’re unable to comprehend then consider yourself to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex since I was referring to INTERNET. So you spending on them sums up to nothing since they have ignored you all this while and now it’s your turn to

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I’ll talk about this model in the subsequent posts. You can say this is the very model on which “Social Media” was built upon.
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