No particular topic in my mind but will try to pen down my thoughts (in random order). In the process will try to build some logic and some direction to my thoughts.

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1. Observed a pattern in my internet usage (mostly from the way I open daily websites). This pattern is from my morning chore of opening my computer and logging into internet.

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Come to my office by 8:40 am >> Sit down in my comfy chair >> Turn on the fan though AC is on >> Turn on the computer >> Open my office mail >> Then Gmail >> Google Reader >> Twitter Search (Summize) >> Twitter >> Tinyurl & so on and so forth.

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2. Been on a networking spree via web as my focal point especially through LinkedIn, Twitter (Less on FrienFeed), Facebook (much less through Orkut), My Blog, My Mobile and through many more social networking tools available online.

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3. Started using Flickr a lot nowadays. One of the reasons is that I started drawing a lot of models to make my blog posts more interesting (See my Flickr a/c). Also that makes me feel I’m intelligent…Psst!

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4. Met Saurabh Garg (one Twitter Friend) last week. We had a great, insightful conversation on internet. Start-ups, business models etc. Key takeaway was: Internet usage can be broadly defined in 3 ways: Personal (like emails), Entertainment (like Perez Hilton) & Information. Now that is easy but thinking internet only from this model makes things easier and isn’t successful business more about making things easier (for you & your customers). E.g. Google for Search, Apple for innovation and Microsoft for “Blue Monster”.

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5. Finally, last week was interesting. Another “Google Killer” got launched called CUIL but didn’t meet expectations. Found this site: (Read my tweet). Also this one via GapingVoid on business/brands using twitter to get the word out. You’ll be surprised to find some.

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So at the end of my musings, one thing comes out to be very prominent. Twitter, Twitter & Twitter…The things I did last week to my daily winding up is mostly around twitter. So henceforth I proclaim that “Sampad Swain is a Twitter-Addict”. Ahem!

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Any comments/thoughts/criticism on my self proclaimed addiction…

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