Ever since, I saw Gauravonomics posting “Yours Truly…” blog posts, I wanted to put something like that in my blog too (Apologies Gaurav for zero creativity and complete fame-freak).

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So talking about it, first of all prelude to this post ….I adored/loved Wikinomics since it made me see internet, demographics,technology, culture or for that matter human race in a whole new way. It won’t be wrong if I say that it helped me evolve as a far better Marketer than I was before.

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So going back to my respect for this book, this time around, “YOURS TRULY” was quoted in Wikinomics blog post about one of his recent posts on certain Wikinomics theory which he tweaked to certain extent. (View Inset picture)

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Click here for bigger Flickr Pic.

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