I’ve a random habit of typing down every thought, notion, idea..in total everything and anything I found interesting around me in my mobile phone in form of drafts.

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Sharing here are some of the thoughts/ideas I got in the last week:

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1. CHANGE is sacrosanct w.r.t. Bad customer service & Company’s old school marketing philosophy of not giving away your product.

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2. Needs, Wants & Habits of Urbanites: I’m trying to understand the Urban Mall/Snack-food Culture by devoting some amount of time (as of now mostly in the weekends) and study their need, want and habit pattern. In the process, I’ve got some interesting pointers. Will post on it later.

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3. Can customer service be the new media department?: Haven’t thought about it indepth but just wanted to ask you, is it possible or not? Read here from PR 2.0 since I found this post almost in tune with my thinking.

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Please comment on these thoughts or you have some new idea on which we can work, feel free to write to me at sampad[dot]s[at]gmail[dot]com.

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