Is the hype on the latest search kid on the block i.e. CUIL over? Though I may assume it should be but still it isn’t (Me going by the trending topics of Summize- oops now Twitter Search on 29th July,08 also). So here are my own perspectives. You may not agree with me here but that’s what I want as then we can have elaborated conversation in this blog or start-off by shooting a mail at sampad[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Firstup, some facts: Ex-Googlers launched a new search engine called “Cuil” on 27th July, 2008 with an index of 120 billion web pages which makes them arguably the most comprehensive search engine on the web (Thinking about Google’s index worth- They proclaim it to be more though- Read more on the launch on Techcrunch). Since TechCrunch has already covered the who’s who and where about the launch I wont dare fiddle with it. What I want to point out is this: IS Marketing CUIL as GOOGLE KILLER a good idea? Ask me, then my answer will be NO WAY, NEVER. Here are some of the conversations happening around the Web:

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Will Cuil Kill Google?Motley Fool.
Is Cuil the next Google?Management Today.
Ex-Google workers launch Internet search rival CuilAFP.

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Reasons for me going against the tide are listed below:

  • Don’t go against your dad when he’s still giving your pocket moneyConversion: When search audience knows search more by Google (want to say Yahoo also, but…), no point showcasing yourself as the next Google Killer as you’re raising expectations manifold. And you won’t be surprised what happend next…They Crashed though not Burned!
  • A great search engine provides two core competencies: relevancy and trust. I did not see any higher levels of relevance in these search engine results that I am not already getting from Google, Yahoo or Microsoft and based on the categories referred back, it will be difficult to earn my trust with these types of results. (Courtesy: Six Pixels of Separation).
  • Surprise the Buck to Kill the Buck: You can’t expect to do everything the same way as others have been doing and win the game. You have to do things differently. Try out innovative or a newer approach towards it. (Remember there’s nothing called Free-Lunch in this world- If you’re thinking for a free tip here 🙂
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Finally, I won’t sound too pessimistic here since its early days for CUIL. But their initial PR programs of being the next Google Killer was totally inappropriate. So I don’t expect CUIL to take over Google in the recent times for sure.

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P.S. This blog is not being indexed properly by CUIL (pronounced “COOL”) if I try searching it by my name in the first page w.r.t. Google with PageRank 4. So no brownie points on that note.

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