Few days back, a friend of mine availed courier service to transport her vehicle from one city to another. Now this post isn’t about how bad their customer service is but it’s about over-service.

Some of the reasons for me to reach the tipping points are:

  • They kept on SMSing every half an hour about the whereabouts of the shipment to enforce that they are working well until I started cursing them.
  • This process of enlightenment went on whole night to piss me off.
  • I’m not too sure that they have something called “BUZZ OFF” option in SMS tracking.
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This is not all. The height of serviceability is that the consignment didn’t reach me on time and it got delayed for a day.

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So what you make out of it? When you are promising world-class service to your customer, remember to carry it all along the way. Otherwise, the chain breaks and the customers don’t like it. And I don’t think I’ve to mention what happens next- THEY IGNORE!

So remember, the maxim was right all way through- Under-Promise & Over Deliver. But if you have already put yourself in high regards in front of your customers, leverage on it. Don’t pull it down by your stupid execution.

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