Words are out- one speculative and the other one recent Industry news. Read this from InformationWeek and this too from Agency Faqs. Some of the crucial points these two different disjointed reports have covered which show more or less similar trends are:

  1. InformationWeek has projected a significant transformation in Media, Technology & Telecommunications over the next 10 years because of Wireless Social Networking Revolution and AgencyFaqs reports that DOT (Department of Telecommunications) in India is thinking to allow 9 players in 3G or Third Generation services in place of earlier 5 players.
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  3. Secondly, by 2020, about 7 billion accounts will co-exist (with many having multiple accounts) and if I’m right then opening up of Indian 3G platform will enable Indians to participate in the Mobile Social Networking ball-game with its huge population size.
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  5. Reports say that Technology, Media & Telecom represents about 5% of global GDP, so with India going to be No.1 in terms of population in few years (though nothing to be proud off), Indians have a better chance of capitalizing on this developing trends since cheap labor and expertise and recent capital deployment abilities can nurture this sector a lot in the near future.
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  7. Lastly, the latest development of Symbian Foundation by conglomerate of Mobile devices & software companies like Nokia vis-a-vis Google’s Android poised to keep the competition abreast. In middle of these, two Indian majors have forged alliance with Symbian i.e. Sasken & Wipro which again will keep us upto date with the recent developments happening in the Wireless Telephony market which will drive the Wireless Social Networking Revolution further ahead.
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These are the 4 broad reasons I feel wireless industry as a whole is heading. Now lets discuss on the same to have a higher understanding of the matter. Feel free to criticize, comment too!

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