Thought about this ever: CEO’s of most companies nowadays have come from Sales/Marketing background; though there are exceptions like Indra Nooyi etc. Why is it so? Has marketing become so hot nowadays that they are occupying a relevant/strategic position in every company.

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How I see it is a bit differently. It’s not marketing which has become like a hot-pancake but the functions that modern marketing under takes. For example Accountability viz. ROI, Return on Sales and so on & so forth. This single parameter is responsible to take Marketing to its zenith. Not forgetting marketing is sole responsible to understand, interpret and satisfy customers (though it shouldn’t be – I can post about it sometime later). So most customer interfacing companies have Marketing folks as their heads. (READ THIS on the “Sorry State of Marketing”)

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Moving forward, today I read an article on TNS Unveiling “In-Store Metrics” For Grocers. This clearly shows the trend we are following i.e. more & more stress on metrics and accountability in Marketing. Though I personally believe it is important but when your differentiation factor diminishes because of you keeping track on metrics and stuff like that, then who’s the loser on a longer perspective? YOU!

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So more & more companies should try understanding one fact: THEY KNOW YOU ARE MARKETING! So stop marketing and start getting into conversations. And when you get into it, you exactly know whom you are conversing with and metrics & stuff like that can be taken care off easily (remembering that it’s always important to check & measure) as your conversational audience will care about you. So stop acting like day-to-day operational firm and get into more conversations with your audience.

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