If you can read what is written in the inset picture, then the idea of empowered customers would be easier to understand.

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The old proverb says “Pen is mightier than sword” and I believe the maxim is most true in case of irritated, disgusted and frustrated customers who wants to pay back hard to those nosy service companies.

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Read this post & also this one too, then you will get a bigger picture where we as customer stand and how can we turn our dissatisfaction into something which these companies will take seriously for their lousy and lame services.

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This is what Joseph Jaffe did i.e. made a group of dissatisfied customers and tried to unified their voices into one and give it back to the service companies.

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I guess, in the web 2.0 era, we as customers can be more proactive in protesting bad customer service.

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So in today’s world, if your business model’s vision & mission considers customers as core to their processes then be sure to consider them as core and not someone from whom you generate just revenues. Or else once in a while customers will rise from their slumber and knock you down. Ask Dell and many more.

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