From this post onwards, I will try to post some personal insights on Marketing, Technology, Media, Advertising & to whatever life has to offer. I hope I’m able to express all my thoughts clearly through this specific blog posts henceforth. Please pardon me if I come across as someone who knows it all; As for me it’s a just a learning curve and I would need ur admiration and criticism equally as I move along. I have named these post as “Swainism” (Pun intended!!).

  • Man is full of contradictions whereas community thinks in a linear fashion. That’s why marketers should try influencing community on the basis of engagement & trust rather than demographics since the networked world has ended demographics.
  • Social Media is not just another channel to push your message. It’s more about building relationships on trust, respect and faith rather than pushing it towards the consumers. These tools manage reputation, attention, and value chain sharing very well, and these are the tools that build business from trust. (Thanks Chris)
  • Technology will be a key enabler in bringing the brands, customers and business in a holistic ecosystem where business will engage customers through trust & mutual respect to help build their brands. Social Media has a key role to play in that.
  • Long gone are the days when marketing spend was treated as a percentage of sales like short term promotions etc due to easy accountability. Now need of the hour is long term brand building exercise which will touch the audience at 360 degree.
  • Last but not least, most of today’s business models which are “Community Driven & Socially Accepted” are the ones minting money in the backdrop of “KARMA CAPITALISM”. The future is very bleak for them since THEY (reffering to consumers) know and Trust is missing in the equation. (From one of my Twitter posts)
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If you have any such idea(s) and want it to get posted in this blog, do mail me at sampad.s[at] I will post it as soon as possible with a linkety link if possible.

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