This is one of the most unusual posts that I will ever write, I guess.

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Have you ever felt bad or rather disliked a good customer service? No one does! Even I didn’t thought so but in my case it was very unusual. Today I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC (a growing fast food chain). Everything was quite the usual types except for I was in a very foul mood. Even my companion couldn’t help me settle down. So in my infuriated state I sat in a chair, soon to be asked to move since we were two people and some bunch of hippies wanted to sit too in our chairs. And that did it for me. I somehow lost it and gave it back to the waiter. It’s not all. I accused him of bad customer service and how they should treat their customers. I even went to the extreme to meet the General Manager and told him that how their service sucks.

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Now that’s one part of the story. The other part made me feel more than guilty than I can express in words. The waiters (I mean all of them) were deaf & dumb. It was told to me by the General Manager. And the gestures of the waiter during the tiff was to make me understand that all the seats were in the sharing basis. I misread it and took it otherwise and blasted him off. Later he came around and did gave us a seat though and made us comfortable.

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Uptil now I was totally infuriated at their unattended customer service but after knowing the real reason of communication gap I was totally immersed in guilt. After apologizing even, the waiter was so calm and still helping me out and making it seem more normal. I simply loved it! At that moment I was only wondering that does a man who can talk or hear can only communicate more, or is it about being more humane?

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Still I believe that it’s a great move from KFC to employ disabled people as the responsibility increases from both sides i.e. a customer as well as an employee to have a better and wholesome experience. So now before accusing anyone think twice that have you been a good enough to be served well?

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But still this incident will be in my memory for a long long time.

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P.S. Thanks Sangita for the suggetion.

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