While reading the article “The Hyperconnected vs. 84% of Everyone Else on Earth” by Steve Rubel it makes me wonder that what it means to New Media/Social Media enthusiast like me when he says that:

“…52% of the US online population as largely passive.

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Net, this leaves me convinced that despite all of the buzz around the growth of new media and/or digital advertising, neither will replace existing modalities for some time to come…Digital media is going to be additive in the near to medium term. However, in a decade – perhaps sooner, perhaps later – it will be a different story.”

This is really interesting (Download the PDF). Even Robert Scoble has his own take too on this though in a different way conforming how Google news & Techmeme has little or no noise compared to Twitter or FriendFeed.

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Given all these facts & figures together, we can’t just write off old school media as yet but on the hindsight looking at the

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increasing online spending Y-o-Y compared to old media, we can say that old media is losing steam (PDF Link) whereas digital media is catching fire. Also, it won’t be wrong to say that companies find it more alluring to shift to digital media compared to older one because it gives more traction going forward especially in terms of connecting with their audience near & far. So the statistics shown in the chart doesn’t include the extent to which companies will allure it’s audience to world wide web (Remember 20 years back there was no market for purified mineral water but now billions of dollars flow in- How? Because companies have changed the audience’s viewpoint. So why not digital media then?)

Yeah there will a lot of problems in terms of overcoming the digital divide across the world but things have started changing like decreasing communication cost, be it mobile or internet accessibility which is bridging the digital gap.

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So will it take digital media so much time to change gears from being an additive one to complementary & then finally mainstream. What say Mr. Rubel?

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