This morning started with a lot of questions in my head. First up is brand building and how it can make our brand a time tested one. Though branding activities depend on geographical to user base preferences & tastes, but still the basic morphology of building a successful brand remains the same over-time. I have tried to chalk out 5 most crucial questions that is to be asked before building a successful brand:

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  1. Does your Marketing Strategy gel with the existing Promotional campaigns?
  2. Does it give you Traction in the marketplace in terms of Scalability?
  3. Is it Measurable to the extent of Flexibility?
  4. Does it build a “Brand of Value” or a “Brand of Convenience” for the consumers?
  5. Does it reflect in the Balance sheets (i.e. is it measurable & accountable)?
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These 5 questions is in the heart of any branding activity since the market has become more dynamic than ever mainly because of Fragmented Media // More choices and less of time for consumers to choose // Traditional advertising is losing steam // And most importantly consumers are buying stuff more due to peer recommendation by factor “X”. So all these factors are affecting consumers to turn out to be into “Brand Sluts”.

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