I just can’t keep my eyes off from cricket this summer. It’s been the center of attraction and many debates between people. I even went on to post on the recent Indian Premier League (supposedly the biggest ever in terms of money of course). So in this recent frenzy it seems everyone is making money starting from people involved in the process as well as bookies who are playing bigtime for sure. And also not forgetting people like me who are just plain jane cricket lovers just watching it on television and enjoying (one of the main reasons is that nowhere can we find the best playing against each other…no pun intended!).

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But this post is not about IPL’s recent success story but it’s impact though sublime but seriously something to think about. Few days back I went to one of the neighbourhood departmental retail store. Though most of the times in the evening you have to stand in the queue to make your bill but that was my lucky day it seemed. Not too much rush. I hung there in the store for sometime to watch the incoming footfalls but I was actually taken aback. On asking it seemed the recent IPL i.e. cricket mania has grabbed us. Wtf!! Who the hell thought of it..or does any Indian retail company thought of this before? I am not too sure.

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Some of the reasons which is actually reinforcing my belief that Indian retail business will have a lean summer are:

  • My experience from my fellow mates as well as talks with the store guys in Retail circuit says that business is rolling more in the evening especially for the convenient stores as people come back from office/better buying condition in the evening due to the hot Indian summer daytime and blah blah. So buying is conducive in the evening, and do I have to say that we were watching cricket during those times. So buying time has reduced, isn’t it?
  • One more thing is that IPL will continue for the next 45 days, so if my proposition is correct then surely Indian retail business will be hit and remember 45 days mean half a quarter. So lets see if I’m right then it will surely reflect in their balance sheets.
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So what do you think? I would really appreciate if you can put your comments; even more to criticize or just add on to that list.

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