I have been thinking for a while about product packaging and their designs a lot. How is it affecting consumers’ perception and influencing their purchasing behavior and stuff like that? Now let us do some amount of mental exercise for a moment? Don’t get me wrong here. This post is something which you don’t need any concept at all. It’s more about feeling it. Think about all the products that you used today and how their shape, size and color affect you about creating a perception of the brand you are using.

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The question pertains to three things: Truth, Fact and Personality. Truth is what we think happens and what happens is Fact, not truth. Facts are reality while truth is perception and perception is guided by the way our brain thinks; by our thoughts, opinions, feelings etc.

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Now this can be taken to any scenario; yes even in business (more so in marketing). What guides a customer to buy a product is higher than truth or fact. It’s the personality that a product or a brand communicates which comes from truth and not just fact (that’s why concept like premium products is much better than cheaper ones still have a market). It’s all about two things generally: one is the story that a brand tells us and the other is the less and less time we give to brands since overtime we have more & more choices in terms of product variants and less of time to think and buy. So we are not after fact; it’s about the truth guided by the brand’s personality.

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Now, please don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that the marketplace is only about perception or image. Today brand’s personality has become all the more important. What I am saying is be obsessed with your audience’s truth, and design your business to appeal to that truth. Perception may not be reality, but it drives your customers’ feelings and actions. And if you don’t take the time to learn about that, then their perception is going to be your problem.

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