Social networking is here to stay. I remember some of my friends and colleagues arguing over the demise of social networking in India (that too some even went to the extreme of giving me a deadline too).

But as far as I’m concerned I don’t agree to them. Though I believe that the form of acceptance of social networking for India in the future will be in a different format altogether. Ask me why? Yeah, did anyone mentioned about mobile telephony in India which has been growing at a hurricane pace though the talks of Global recession are round the corner.

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To tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter since its helping the masses and the classes to get hooked on to their friends and foes at a click of a button. Now one more argument about social media catching main stream in India would be the ever growing population who has been accessing each other starting from remote villages to uber class denizens.

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But of course there are some hindrances before going back to the future. One of those is the technology limitations like the browser based networks don’t leverage the power of the mobile device, and client based applications are blocked by service providers and handset limitations. So once someone utilizes this potential (oh by the way very few people are working in this domain, not even Facebook’s or MySpace’s) to create an application that has enough traction to catch the attention and remove the tech limitations of browser apps compatibility with mobile devices and stuff like service providers blockades’, then Hari from a remote village can connect with an unknown friend via future Facebook through his mobile device in future.

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Anyways, keep a tab at Google’s Android platform and Apple iPhone SDK which may provide an excellent opportunity in this field.

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