India Premier League is underway from 18th April, 2008 and I believe Indian cricket fans have a real treat to watch all those exciting cricketers playing under eight teams created accordingly. I won’t go into the details of hows, wheres and whats of the IPL (follow the link to know more) as I believe people know more about it than rising inflation in India right now.

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Anyways, one insight I definitely like to pull in this post. The headline of this post says it all.

Cricket = Money+Glamour??
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No wonder cricket is the money churner of India and if you can calculate the money spent and will be earned after the completion of Indian Premier League (IPL), then it’s not rocket science to understand that the future of cricket is well defined. OK. Now some history if you may say so.
Test cricket came first along with the likes of great players like Sir Don Bradman etc. Then one day cricket which initially had some resistance but was well accepted among masses. And now Twenty-20 or T20 as it is called. Some of the reasons why people like T20 matches are:
  • Less time consuming.
  • More Glamour, glitz and razmatazz.
  • Cricketainment as its height.
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Now don’t catch me on the wrong foot here. I am not at all against those 3 points I mentioned above. But I believe that cricket is more than that. What about skills and technique of playing cricket? Can we find players like Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara or Shane Warne amongst all these. If Cricket remains the slave of money & glamour then seriously, a cricket buff like me will have a bad hiccup.

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