According to a report <link here>, Indian web 2.0 industry excluding the established, large global players like Orkut, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia et al, Indian 2.0 start-ups have a combined user base of about 1.5 million users.

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Now a blogger has an interesting take on this abysmal data. After some amount of number crunching, it says:

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Assuming an average of 10 pageviews per user (a random guess) at 1$ CPM (5$ for an American user parity adjusted), the Indian Web 2.0 industry generates a not-so-whooping 15,000$ per month combined.

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At 10X revenues, the entire industry would be valued at an abysmal $1.8mn.

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But still I’m kind of optimistic about the future of web 2.0 in India due to following 5 reasons:

  • A huge domestic market (Oh I heard India’s middle class is infact bigger than US’s total population) ambien online without prescription

  • Access to large intellectual capital and worthwhile talent base. tramadol online for sale

  • Decreasing communication cost, be it mobile or internet accessibility which is bridging the digital gap. buy provigil online

  • Venture capitalists are now pouring in lot of moolah into new Web 2.0 start-ups to find the future Google, Yahoo or MSFT! buy tramadol without prescription

  • Cultural shift as risk taking and innovation is being rewarded.
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So let’s see what future has in hold for us. As of now we have 5 aces in our pack.

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