Though, I generally don’t write about any industry specific news (though from now on I will), but this one shook me. Pharmaceutical companies spend about US $60 billion every year marketing drugs which is about twice the amount spend on research & development (R&D).

Yet we know next to nothing about where this money is going.

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To expose where pharma companies spend this money, how it increases drugs sales, and why this irresponsible behaviour is putting consumer health at risk, Consumers International has produced a series of short films for the Marketing Overdose campaign.

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To tell you the truth, I understood only 3 ways (though there can be many as such) by which they are maximizing profits:

  • Doctors working as active word-of-mouth agents since customers believe that doctors are only concerned of their health.
  • Through “Disease awareness campaigns” which is also helping them to by-pass certain rules and regulations of advertising and promotion.
  • By means of direct to consumer promotion like above video.
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Check this page for further clarifications.

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