Ok. So here is my 100th post. Would have been happy to post it in last month. But due to my excessive traveling, could not post it. So all apologies to my viewers.

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By and large, we have heard this a million times (if not zillion) that innovation, technology and stuff like that can save a dying company from seeing its doomsday. Matter of fact, today’s businesses will agree to my above statement any time of the day. That’s why companies started using CRM, latest techie products and what not. But I have a different opinion about this one.

I believe that standalone technology or innovation can never save a company from withering away. What technology does is it gives the company a shot at marketing. Marketing to those who want to listen and those who will spread the message around. No wonder countless companies with innovative and ahead of it’s time products failed (e.g. DVD’s had a hard time vis-a-vis CD’s beacuse of bad marketing ) and on the hindsight products with less technologically advancement succeeded. So technology alone can never guarantee success. Infact if a company believes that having a superior & technologically advanced product will sail them through, then they are wrong. It can only guarantee that you can employ better, effective & efficient marketing programs/communication strategy.

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Any takers. Comments are welcomed!

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