Today is one of the glorious day in the history of Indian business. The much talked about Tata’s 1-lakh ($2700) car was launched today in the Auto Expo Show at New Delhi.

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I won’t go much into the details of the car or the euphoria surrounding the launch, since it will be all over the media tomorrow. But I want to share some thoughts about the launch. Actually I came to know about the launch details from Twitter (thanks to Gaurav Mishra). He actually twittered the news while Mr. Tata was announcing it.

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Few things happened while this development was taking place. First, Tata’s Nano featured among the top most search in Technorati on 10th Jan, 2008 i.e. the world was searching for more information about Tata’s Nano and secondly, the blogosphere was buzzing about Tata Nano.

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It’s very rare to see such euphoria among people across the world for a product launch like this and that too Indian product. But here the product has the capability to be a standard by itself, both for customers as well as industry players across the world. Tata’s have made it possible to break the myth that cheap products are inferior in quality.

The launch of this small “Big” car (as much the hype) can be traced back to the corridors of Apple’s Steve Jobs launching iPhone. So when Steve Jobs comes with his keynote speech about iPhone’s launch and people across 130 odd countries watch it, then much of the PR, Branding and Marketing is being done there itself. So now Indians have something to boast about. So when Mr. Ratan Tata comes out with Nano’s launch speech, people around the world want to listen to what he has to say (Citation from technorati).

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So from a marketer’s point of view, the job has been well done and an incredible story of hope & dream has been passed to the people. Now the “Idea-virus” has to spread. So Tata’s main task would be to do some good PR activities (not much in marketing) to keep it hot unless it faces some crucial issues relating to customer services due to the initial hype.

Still I’m happy that an Indian brand has nudged the expectations of world-wide public and Tata’s Nano will definitely put India in the limelight for much needed innovation in the Indian context.

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