Nowadays, India-Australia cricket test match series is going on. Barring from the fact that the test series has been surrounded by many controversies, still we can’t deny the fact that role of umpires on the field is of utmost importance.

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But why the hell am I writing it in a marketing blog, u may ask?

It’s the silent nature of umpires and then delivering the judgment which fascinates me so much. The whole game surrounds around their call. They just keep quiet and observe the game like an avid onlooker. Now that’s where a marketer comes into play. Few days back CK wrote a nice little post on how “Shutting up is such a great strategy for marketers“.

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I too agree that for any marketer, be it offline or online; B2B or B2C or whatever, listening is one skill which marketers need to develop. Why?

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Your customers can teach you a lot if you give heed to those subtle messages from them. Coke forgot with New Coke, Ford with Edsel and many more like that.

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One point which may work in favor of marketers is the advent of “Intelligent Internet” i.e. Social Media which can be used not only to see how their target customers are behaving but also it can be used listen carefully the next trend that can or may follow.

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