If you have read last few books by Seth Godin, 3 things are the basic take-aways:

  • You somehow know about the content before you have read the book.
  • You know, how important is an “Authentic story“.
  • Unique content worth talking about.
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If you talk about business in that measure, it’s not different. The above 3 points can be summed up in two words. “Idea spreading” or “Idea diffusion“. Basically, we all are living in the “Century of Idea diffusion“. The business which was able to spread their idea, won the customers and which didn’t kept producing “Average products for Average customers” i.e Mass Market. So no wonder, chances of failure for mass market products increases since these customers most of the time IGNORE you as they have more choices and less time.

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So how to spread the “IdeaVirus” to succeed:

  • Let them Talk about you: Your communication should raise questions in the mind of the customer. This fosters engagement which never leaves them indifferent. So how well the communication is crafted will ensure your success.
  • Usage of different Mediums: With the advent of technology, customer touch-points has increased. So different media platforms like Social Media etc should be used to touch your customers. Here the catch is that it should be very subtle, not like “On the Face Ad” like in movies.
  • Humans are more emotional & less rational beings: Your customers are basically human beings with more emotions and less logic. So touching your customers on more emotional front forms a long term bondage than tickling its rational part.
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