Yes, the thing called “Marketing“. So many words can be used to define it and redefine it. It’s not that we don’t have good marketers in the country but still company’s balance sheets are bleeding due to crappy advertisements, PR activities, promotions and all that crap. Hell with all those.

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So what is exactly “Marketing” that we all make so much fuss about?

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It’s about commitments. My personal belief in life has always been “Commit & Deliver, if not F**k it!”. And here with the thing called “Marketing” your customers will say those last two words since for them, choices has increased and time has decreased. So they better ignore your false promises.

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So as the old maxim goes, Commitment is the base of every relationship. That isn’t different from keeping your customers happy, I guess. But we forget. The present state of marketing is overpromise and underdeliver which should be the other way round. Still, we forget…!!! (Agree Mr. Godin?)

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