Our world is changing. Now that’s very cliched, you may say. But if you look around a bit, then our way of information gathering to idea spreading has changed over time. Much due to the advent of internet. Internet is shaping our culture in way which we wanted to. Web 1.0 era is over as we have seen much discussion about it and the new world order of Web 2.0 is here. And with the introduction of Web 2.0, came the concept of Social Media. And this very revolution has changed a lot of things: For us and the business models of the world. You can frame it largely as we are in “SPECS Economy” i.e. Sharing, Peering, Engaging, Collaborating and Socializing culture.

In the world where we are using tools like Twitter, Facebook etc to connect people across the boundaries, so why can’t we use these mass collaboration tools to help each other prevent some of the worst feared catastrophes which have more often than not paralyzed the entire human race. On this regard,
Google has taken a new initiative to save the world via the internet. They (Google.Org) are funding a non-profit group called “InSTEDD“. The idea is to alert citizens of the world against disease outbreaks & natural disasters and coordinate relief efforts in the event of disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami etc.

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According to InSTEDD:

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“We want everyone to benefit from tools & technologies to save our lives. We want those technologies to work anywhere, anytime, and under the harshest conditions. We can collaborate with technology developers, researchers and experts to develop better methods to improve early disease protection & disaster response.”

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But there is higher concern than just the idea of mass collaboration to warn people of such catastrophe. The concern is about how few bad apples can mess-up the whole bunch of good apples. So till the technologies can come up with solutions to such problems, the system will be looked upon with some amount of skepticism. So till then, Trust is the only thing among us which will move this system for the betterment of human race.

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