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The video is about “Curiosity“. Now that’s a very cool word, not only because it gives you a shot at new stuff around but modern day marketers have realized the fact that whom they want to target i.e. early adopters & innovators who are in the fringes and they do the idea-spreading thing. It’s curiosity which attracts them to try out new things and if they like it, they tell their friends. And then the word-of-mouth cycle starts.

The short video was shot by Nic Askew.

By the way, if you are in good mood, then you should read some of the comments in Seth’s post. My fav one is this one called “Insatiable Curiosity” by
Hjörtur Smárason (Thank god he won’t ask me to pronounce it).

Now you know why I posted this video. Yes, I fall into that curious category 🙂 and that’s why I like Marketing because it gives me the space to think beyond (If I may say so).

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