The ComScore results are out for top-10 global search engines. Interesting results for Chinese search engine major “Baidu“. The figure below tells the story.

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But interestingly local search engines are doing very well w.r.t. their western counterparts, considering the fact that they don’t use Roman alphabet.

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Now the question is, shouldn’t the best search technology win no matter what the language? Yes it should, in a world where people are logical and not exposed to any sort of media. But humans are influenced by all sorts of media and their thinking & rationality is somewhat bounded around its contours.

So these figures tell a different story about human “online search” behavior. Marketing and to some extent culture is playing a big role in selecting an online search medium (unless it’s Google).

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Some of major reasons are:

  • Better content: Search engine fragmentation and that too localised search engines are providing better and relevant content than others.
  • The long tail becoming fatter: The long tail of search engines have started to grow longer & fatter. Think how many search engines we were exposed to a year back and how many now. More to that, better marketing of these niche yet mostly relevant sites is providing traction for them too.
  • The old population thing: Asian counterparts are generating increase in online users; e.g. China can boast highest online users as their base population is huge. So marketing along with whole culture is working for these sites.
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