I have been blogging from last year. One of my many observations is the increasing number of hits to my blog from different companies like Google, Cisco, Microsoft, BP, Shell, Bell Labs, O&M etc through searches (E.g. Vodafone, Portugal in the inset picture). Interestingly, many bloggers gave the same feedback that there is a dramatic shift in the number of viewers from different companies of the world.

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Interestingly, Mark Collier raises an important question regarding companies being vigilant on blogosphere i.e. How many companies monitoring blogosphere take further action when something good/bad is being talked about?

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Staying with that topic, I’m quite unsure I have seen too many Indian companies coming to my site. Apart from me, talking to many bloggers have revealed the same state i.e. not too many Indian companies are watching their audience talking or writing about them. Some of the many reasons Indian companies are still lagging behind Blogosphere or indolent about taking any action are:

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#1. Unsure to respond: I’m quite sure that most of the viewers are average employees who just want to check what’s been talked about their company in the blogosphere (Agreed to Mark).

#2. Complacent Boss not taking any action
: If they find anything positive being talked about, then they simply ignore, thinking nothing much to do there whereas they should foster that kind of PR conversation.

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#3. Ignoring negative vibes: This is simply done to excuse themselves from taking any sort of further responsibility. Whereas it can hurt them more by not taking any further action for such negative publicity. Dell knows it.

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The point is few unsatisfied customers can do more damage because of technology and information proliferation than many satisfied ones. So now you choose…!!!

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