On 31st December,2007 GoogleBlog posted “This year of Google blogging which gives a lot of hints about where actually we are heading, not only in tech space but also about general human psyche. The article contains a small piece on the posts which captured maximum attention as well as linkbacks from other bloggers in general. So here what’s written in the article…

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The posts that elicited the most reaction in terms of views and linkbacks include (courtesy GoogleBlog):

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It’s very simple to come up with trends for the future. Actually the past always have some clues for the future. So it becomes kind of easy to build upon it. So, looking at the maximum viewed posts, it kind of gave me the key towards the future. The ubiquitous question for every marketer ::What do customers/users want?::

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My conclusions from these snippets are based on the point that giving much attention to such posts mean they want to know more about it. So when users want to know more, it becomes apparent for marketers to align their thinking in that direction. So my conclusion would be that “Users need more power, more control & all in all something which is more about THEM i.e. users” which can be in the form of Knol, OpenSocial API’s etc.

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So lets hope 2008 brings optimum coherence between customers/users & marketers. So, “User Federated Space (UFS)” era is now!!

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