I have always liked Seth Godin starting from his books to his blog about anything under the sun. He has this immense talent to take minutest thing on this earth and making it easier to comprehend in his own way. So when Seth comes up with latest post about “Blogs & Self Promotion“, one thing becomes crystal: People talking about you is far more effective than talking about yourself in world wide web (Thanks Seth).

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So two things are to be done after reading this post. First, get a copy of “Meatball Sundae” (Seth’s latest book) and secondly if you have a business then put these proactive thinking (not reactive) in your marketing messages and avoid the plight of getting vanquished.

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Also, the thing about “New Age Marketing” is word of mouth. You are in or out is very much proportional to the word-of-mouth your idea generates. So selling books is no different from business. So going by the same paradigm, word of mouth is the new phrase that should be written as a new commandment for every marketer.

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But blogs add a different dimension to your business. The real term is “Credibility“. It may be in the form of other bloggers talking about it or general mass spreading it which is in term adding to that credibility factor. So narcissism which most often than not, we bloggers generally attach ourselves to won’t be that good (not for this blog or for your business). So using this tool to sheer perfection will definitely lead to better sales (I’m sure I’m doing good for Seth) not only for books but in a broader sense to your dipping business.

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