The trend has been quite clear for us. 2005 was for blogs, 2006 was for Youtube, 2007 was for Facebook (if I may say so) and 2008…keep guessing. Though I have my money on it. The point here I want to talk about is what blogging has been doing in the business circle. Yeah, it has been making headlines, starting from India to US but is it adding value to the traditional business models. Nowadays, newspaper journalists are observing this space for getting relevant insider information or more importantly a different perspective but what about business.

The word is advice. Bloggers give a lot of ideas to businesses. But that’s where traditional organizations miss the whole point. People have talked a lot about engagement, conversations blah blah but big organizations are too awry to embrace it since they have too many rules, too many guidelines. Forget about being nimble or flexible. Basically a set of rigid rules they have been following all these years while their own customers have started ignoring them to an extent where they don’t care at all.

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It’s so amazing that still companies see that they need to have 30 seconds limelight through advertisements; have a boss who knows it all…blah blah. Rigidity has been the mantra whereas modern successful companies are playing a whole different ball game by passing the ball into customer’s court and playing the game in their terms.

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Now the sorry state is that most prolific bloggers are sitting on those top notch positions of companies who make the very decisions. Most of them are either from marketing or PR field and still they keep writing about new and novel ideas which at the end of the day are being followed. It’s sad.

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This statement of Copyblogger perfectly exemplifies it:

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“…It depends on your audience, your goals, your resources, and what works… right? And if we listen to these time warp pundits, how would we ever create anything remarkable when we’re all cookie-cutter blogging?

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So continuing with Brian Clark, where do you think blogging is going?

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